Doramon Story

One day,a very normal day, Nobita came back from school and went upstairs of his house. Doraemon was there sleeping, just like the other normal day.“Hey, Doraemon, please wake up, lets play!” but Doraemon does not wake up.Nobita thought that Doraemon is tired, so he wentout to play with Shizuka-chan and other folks. After few hours, he returned to his home, but Doraemon was still sleeping. Nobita felt something strange, and tried to wake him up. But there was no reply. He became to feel afraid, and tried to wake him up, but whatever he does, Doraemon did not wake up.Nobita exactly knew that something was different. This never happened before. He began crying, but though he screamed or cried, the famous fat-cat-robot did not make a single move at all. He came up to one idea, and jumped into his desk-the time machine-and went to the future to meet Dorami-chan, Doraemon’s sister. He begged her for help, and forced her to go with him back to 1998.

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