Happy Birthday Priya didi


Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday my dear Priya didi. Although all mightly God blesses you every day and every minute but still, I wish may God bless you. I am taking this golden opportunity to thank you for everything and many many thanks for giving your most precious thing that is your time, you are the best mentor as well as the best teacher of my life, I have learned means really a lot which is uncountable and infinity from you and for that, I always owe to you. Earlier there were 3 categories of people in my life who influences me. First was some of my teachers, the second was my parents and the third was my friends but you know you have replaced and secured the first position that means currently you're the most important person for me. Thank you for everything and a very Happy Birthday.

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Priya is not only my boss but my mentor and teacher too, she has taught me some of the greatest values and greatest lessons of my life. She is full of knowledge and experience that sometimes I even thought that if I could able to gain at least 1 percent of knowledge also from her then I could have been able to become successful in my life. Every day I learn something new from her and she continuously improves my mistakes. Although we have a professional relationship still she treats me like her younger brother and sometimes I got amazed when I commit a mistake and it's quite big and she got tense, resulting in telling me that you are not doing it correctly, this should be done like this not like that, etc, etc.    

She is a very humble, kind, and helpful person who is always ready to help anyone who needs it at any time. Again she is my mentor as well as I have learned a lot from her in my personal and professional life. 

Before joining the V-Force team I was not so aware of the professional ethics and skills as it's the initial stage of my life she always stood with me, as I already told correcting my mistakes anywhere which is needed and that's the best thing about her that she helps people without any expectation from them and with selflessness. 

Priya is a genuine and kind human who helped me to grow as a professional. When I joined the V-Force Team, she arranged a meeting with some of the members of the coordinating team to get more insight into the goals and structure of the V-Force India. Priya responds to every question and query calmly and thoughtfully, and later she even follows up to make sure my issues get resolved or not. Her patience and willingness motivate me to give my best.

Priya is a motivated, hard-working, and intelligent person who is an expert in her area. An enthusiastic volunteer, who welcomes change and is motivated to do better every day. Her exceptional set of skills, ingenuity, and integrity makes every project a great success, and leads by example, and many people on the V-Force team find her enthusiasm and dedication, both inspiring and motivating. The V-Force community and the United Nations Volunteers India are lucky to have such a mentor like her. 

I am working with Priya for a long time now. During this time, she has taught me so many valuable lessons in life. She knew my qualities and pushed me to work on them to make them better. She has expertise and knowledge in the field, and the way he handles the work is genuinely remarkable. She has earned everybody’s respect through her skills and value. I recommend Priya, as such senior is so much needed for everyone who is looking to make themselves better.

At last, I would like to say that the lessons of life, how things work in real life, how an organization functions, etc were priceless and I cannot thank her and cover it in these above few words as infinity words are also less for her. The organization will be lucky for which she will gonna work in the future. All the best.

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