Science Projects For Class Xth

Science project for class ten Standard can be related to any of the advanced topics that students read in the class. It is always exciting for a class ten student to perform experiments in laboratory with a test tube and other equipments.

 They are matured enough to search for a project idea and handle the project themselves and can make report on it without much assistance. Sometimes they may require guidance of their parents or teachers if they are stuck somewhere in the project.Science project for class ten standard may be based on any physics, chemistry and biology related topics.

 Some topics appropriate for class ten are genetics, cells, energy, etc.Students can do experiments on pesticides and can find out the most effective pesticide on cockroaches and fleas. They can do some experiments and find out if all the pesticides are made of the same chemicals or not.You can even test for water impurities.

 For this you have to take samples of different brands of bottled water and do some experiments to check the amount of lead present in it. Compare the results of all samples and you will find out the best results.

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