Nibiru The Imaginary Planet

As an Indian writer it's my duty to expose the truth, those 20 lakh websites who are supporting the existence of the imaginary planet Nibiru. As reference to the Mayan calendar, a variety of rumors was spread regarding ways that the world could end back in 2012. NASA, ISRO and other space research organizations have advanced telescopes so if a planet like Nibiru truely exist then it definitely been captured by these telescopes.

Actually this misunderstanding arrived by Astronomer David Morrison from his book pointed out in 2012 that "NASA and the government get most of their information from these outside astronomers, not the other way around."
One popular contender was Nibiru, a supposed planet that some claimed would collide with Earth one day at the end of that year. But despite the buzz, there's no scientific evidence supporting the alleged planet's existence — and, we all saw that earth survived in 2012 without absorbing a massive impact.

Nibiru has been linked to NASA by various bloggers. Because of this claimed connection, space agency officials put out a statement saying that no big planet was coming to destroy Earth in 2012. What follows below is the true science and history of this supposed rogue planet, with reference to a real object, Comet Elenin, that somehow got mixed up in the whole mess.

And we'll also talk about another hypothetical world that may actually exist in the far outer system — Planet Nine. Between the amateur and professional astronomers, there are plenty of people who would have noticed a new "star" in the sky.