My 19th Birthday

Thanks to all who wished me on my 19th birthday, this birthday is entirely different from the past ones as it’s my first birthday in which I am not in school. I got wishes and blessing from many unexpected people also, I got surprised that how they knew my birthday. Firstly, I would like to thanks my teachers, family members, my school time friends, college mates and my closed ones.

Celebration pictures are given below:-


Pooran Singh sir
Raina Parihar ma'am

Mom & Dad
Mimi (Original)
Neel mama
Latest mimi
Akro mama
Pinki mimi
Kalu mama
Mishti dadu
Mishti dida

M. Hasan
Shailesh Singh
Harshita Kaushik
Anandita Bist
Sidhya Bist
Anindita Gohain
Gourav Yadav
Parth Bhatt
Manish Hooda
Vikash Jaat
Ravi Kumar
Anuj Kumar
Arun Kumar Singh
Shivam Singh
Anil Bishnoi

Debasrita Saha
Sushant Kumar
Priyanka Biswas
Akash Chakraborty
Avijeet Sharma
Koushik Singha
Pritam Jana
Sanju Sarkar
Deepak Pathak
Debolina Dey
Prasanna Kundu
Kritish Sengupta
Pritam Mahapatra
Abhishek Anand
Apurbo Mondal

#Closed ones
P. Rajesh
Sita Bist anti
Rashmi Gupta anti
Indrani Mandal anti
Pritam Bose
Arjun H
Manju Gupta Roy anti
Kakali Sarkar anti
Archana Kumari anti
Sima Roy anti
Tapas Mukherjee uncle
Sayan Roy
Trideep Chowdhury
Amitabha Bhattacharya

There are many other people also who wished me, but I am sorry that I can't include their names, as they don't falls under any given category (#).

Special thanks to Reliance Jio, Google India & UrbanPro for wishing me.

Shaunak Chakraborty

Shaunak Chakraborty(in Hindi शौनक चक्रवर्ती and in Bengali শৌনক চক্রবর্তী) is an Indianwriter, author, poet and the founder of Gyaanipedia ( born on 23 December 2000) in India's former capital Kolkata which is the present capital of Indian state West Bengal. He is popularly known for his poems written in India's national language Hindi.The early life of Shaunak Chakraborty was full of pain and tragedies as his mother was not well, she was admitted to Eastern Command Hospital for three years (year 2000 - 2003). Shaunak's grandmother Mitali Chakraborty and home maid Rajni Kumari had done a lot for him for the initial three years of his life. 2000 - 2003 The initial three years of Chakraborty's life is probably the hardest portion of his life. At first he got hate from his own family members as they demand a girl child but Chakraborty is a boy. So they use to wear him female cloths.

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