Happy Teacher's Day 2021


This was an unforgettable moment when you clicked this pic, at that time I have no idea of the value of this pic, I was completely blanked that after 9 years I will be writing these words for one of the precious assets of my school life. 

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to making me educated. I knew very well that these few words are not enough for thanking and I can't forget the favor done by my gods. 

Thanks to you all, special thanks to everyone who had supported me in my initial life of education which was LKG and so on, I don't remember their names or faces because I was too young that time in LKG and there were no internet, smartphones and not even multimedia feature phones back in those days so I couldn't able to stay connected with them. In fact that time we keep on changing our mobile number after every posting. 

At last, I would like to say sorry for the late, actually, my sister forcefully took me to the mall so that's why I am too tired now. I feel this important that whether I am tired or busy in somewhere else but I must thank all those for whom I can say myself educated.

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