Fake Delivery Boy Scam


If you also regularly order food, clothes, electronic items, and other essential things then this information is for you, if you don't then also you should read it because it might happen to you as well. 

Nowadays a new type of scam has been rapidly reported in various states in India people commonly called this a delivery boy or delivery girl scam. 

So what exactly it is?

Basically here you'll get a call from a delivery person that you have a parcel and you have to collect it from him/her, they may reach your door as well. 

Here the noticeable thing is that you haven't ordered anything from them, you also asked that person from which company or courier service they came from but doesn't get any satisfying answer. Either they will ask you for cash or they will ask for an OTP sent to your mobile. 

If you say that you haven't ordered anything and you don't want it then they'll say that there is a procedure to cancel it and again they'll ask for an OTP sent to your mobile, the OTP message might look like a genuine sourced but it's actually coming from a fraud service. 

Tell them politely to leave if they still force you to make any action then call the police helpline immediately and inform them about this matter. 

Lastly, I want to say that you've to remember what things you've ordered and if you ordered something there must be some trace of it as no order appears abruptly.

Please note that there are many hardworking delivery people who do hard work day and night to get us our parcels safely, we have absolute respect for them.  

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