A Joyful Day of Tagore House

Group Song Winner 2015

It was the date-02 August 2015,when the selection of group song competition was going on. After 3-4 days our final group song team was completely made .I Shaunak was the Group Leader of Tagore House Group Song. I think that no one could be a better leader than me . The reason behind this is that , I love my entire team and I treat my team as they are my brothers and sisters . We practice a lot and this shows our hardwork and dedicated efforts for this competition . It was very difficult to across such a strong house like Raman but this thing proved that Tagore House is the best. On 18 Aug 2015 the result declared and it was:-
•1st Tagore House
•2nd Rajendra House
•3rd Aryabhatta House
•4th Raman House
•The winner Tagore and the looser Raman. I am specially thankful to my dearest Archana mam, Khalid sir and my Anil sir . Thank you very much to you all.

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